Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving Decor

Pilgrim Hat Decor by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette
Here's my latest paper creation.  I made this elegant Pilgrim hat as our Thanksgiving decor at the accounting office where I work.  You can read more details about the hat over on the Silhouette America blog (in the home decor section).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sketched Cards with Silhouette Free Design

Cards Using Free Design of the Week by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette

Today on the Silhouette America blog I'm sharing what I did with the free design of the week.  It's a fun circular layered flag design, and I used it on these cards.  I've got another idea with it that's in the works, but that's another post, another day. ;)

Check out my tutorial for using this design over on the Silhouette blog, and don't forget to grab the freebie!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Handmade Card Collection

I was asked by a friend to make two sets of cards to give away at a "get-to-know-you" event.  I didn't have a lot of time to create something from scratch, so I revisited several cards I've done in the past to come up with this new collection that can be ready for special occasions.

Each card set includes six cards.  Two of each kind, but I mixed up some colors in the otherwise-matching cards so truly there are six unique cards in each set.

In these first cards, I used Silhouette sticky stencil material with ink pads and makeup sponges.  I used the same stencil I had cut out for a square card, but it worked great for this standard A2 card as well.  I left off the sentiment so it can be used for any occasion.

Yellow stenciled rose card by Kelly Wayment

Stenciled rose cards by Kelly Wayment

Each full card set includes one of the pink and one of the yellow variety.  You can find instructions for making a stenciled card like this here: Stenciled Flower Card.

This next card is one I made for a previous card set; I just used different colors of patterned paper.  The pretty turquoise paper is lovely on both sides, so the two cards in the set each have a different side showing.  The flags and circles are excellent for using scraps.

Birthday wishes card by Kelly Wayment

Birthday wishes card set by Kelly Wayment

You can read about the card collection this design comes from here: Card Set for Mother's Day.  The Silhouette Studio cut file includes all the cards from that original set, including this one.  Download here.

This final card is great for a wedding or a bridal shower.  I used my own cutting files for the chevron background and for the "congratulations" sentiment.  Most of this is cut from adhesive-backed cardstock, so it's super-fast assembly once cut.  It may be hard to tell, but I backed the "congratulations" sentiment with vellum, both to give the intricate cut pieces something to stick to and just because I like the look.

You can find the man and woman symbol in the design store, along with this circle hearts design.  I welded a couple of triangles to the circle to make a double speech bubble.  For the four cards like this I cut two of those speech bubbles in white and two in pink, then just took the hearts and swapped them. 

Congratulations couple card by Kelly Wayment

Congratulations couple card set by Kelly Wayment

To package the set, I used this folio card box I've shared on my blog before.  This cut file includes decorative extra panels if you want to use them, but this paper was cute enough that I skipped the extras and just left the box plain.  You can download the folio box for Silhouette Studio here.  It fits six cards and six envelopes nicely.

Gift card set in folio box by Kelly Wayment

I hope you enjoyed this card set!  I think the ladies who received them did.  :)

Designs Used:
Man woman holding hand symbol (#20644)
Circle hearts (#25156)
Bloom group (#32174)
Variety card set (mine)
Folio box (mine)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Birthday Party

This year I decided to be a good mom and have birthday parties for all of my kids.  Well, three out of four got parties.  Long story.

Anyway, I figure if I am truly a crafty mom then I can make some fun invitations and crafts and take-home treats for the kids.  (Not a big party planner, here.)  Our most recent party was the day after Halloween because daughter #2's birthday is pretty close to that holiday.  She decided she wanted to have it a Halloween theme, and her friends could wear their costumes one more time.

I made the invitations before we decided on the theme.  (See my tutorial for these pocket-tag invitations here.)

Pocket tag birthday invitation

I love how using adhesive-backed cardstock makes it so easy to add beautiful, colored, intricate designs.  I could have used vinyl, but it doesn't have the same texture and thickness as the adhesive cardstock.  (This is "leaf green," one of the first colors I bought and have used so many times!)

adhesive cardstock for invites

And back to the Halloween theme...

Jack-o-lantern juice.  I just peeled the label off a large bottle of orange soda and put a vinyl pumpkin face on it.  I added vinyl faces to all the cups, too, so when they were filled with orange soda they would also look like jack-o-lanterns.

Jack o lantern juice with vinyl

Jack o lantern juice

For the craft, I had the kids decorate their own paper jack-o-lanterns.  I cut the pumpkin shapes out of chipboard and again from "salmon" adhesive cardstock, and put the cardstock on top of the chipboard for sturdiness.  Then I cut a huge pile of jack-o-lantern face pieces so the kids could pick their own unique combination.  I cut these from black adhesive cardstock and weeded the excess away so the face parts were sitting on the backing like stickers.  This craft almost went too fast!

Halloween kids craft 1

Halloween kids craft 2

Halloween kids craft 3

Halloween kids craft 4

Halloween kids craft 5

For the take-home treats, I made these adorable monster treat bags (resized a little larger than the original).  Again, adhesive-backed cardstock for the eye and teeth pieces made these a snap to assemble.  The kids loved these!

Monster treat bag - front

Monster treat bag - side

Monster treat bags - group

Now I can breathe a sigh of relief that all the birthday parties for the year are over!  I'll share my two summer parties as soon as I can.

Silhouette Designs Used: 
Pocket tags - numbers set (#63599) by Kolette Hall
Perfect flourish - you're invited announcement (#50263) by Kolette Hall
Monster small treat sack (#66932) by Snapdragon Snippets
Black cat halloween set (#49278) by Kolette Hall
Build a jack-o-lantern: eyes (#22115) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack-o-lantern: eyes (#22113) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack-o-lantern: noses (#22118) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack-o-lantern: mouths (#22117) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack-o-lantern: mouths (#22116) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack-o-lantern: eyes (#22114) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack-o-lantern: eyebrows (#22112) by Snapdragon Snippets 
Build a jack o lantern mouth (#46580) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack o lantern nose (#46579) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack o lantern eyes (#46578) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack o lantern eyes (#32843) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack o lantern eyes (#32842) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack o lantern nose (#32841) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack o lantern mouth (#32839) by Snapdragon Snippets
Build a jack o lantern mouth (#32838) by Snapdragon Snippets 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Turkey Pencil Topper

Turkey Pencil Topper by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

I've got a cute Thanksgiving craft for the kiddos up on the Silhouette America blog today.  Go check it out here!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another School Project with my Silhouette CAMEO

This is my junior-high-school son's English term project.  What's inside, you say?

School project with Silhouette

A word. The word "emerge," to be exact.

The assignment instructions for the various projects my son could choose from were a little vague, but one of his choices said he could make a craft project to illustrate one of his vocabulary words. It said he had to make the letters out of something, but if they were paper it fell under a different project type and he had to do all 15 words.  Obviously she doesn't know how creative and 3-dimensional we can get with paper. ;)

My son really wanted to have the word "emerge"...well, emerge out of something.  (Of course, we used my Silhouette CAMEO.)  He did make the box out of paper, but we used fabric with sewable fabric interfacing for the letters.  The font is Showcard Gothic.  When you lift the lid, the word "emerge" comes up out of the box.

School project with Silhouette 1

School project with Silhouette 2

Originally I was going to have him stitch the letters in a strand with a sewing machine, but he saw that we could just sandwich a string between the front and back sides of the letters as the interfacing inside fused it all together.  He's old enough to use an iron, so I let him do the interfacing work.

We used a hexagon box cutting file (#17 from the 2011 Silhouette advent calendar set) and added an extra hexagon insert on each end so we could securely and neatly glue the string into the box base and the lid.

My CAMEO did the actual cutting, but my son did all the assembly.  Hopefully this fits the assignment to make a craft that illustrates one of his vocabulary words.

School project with Silhouette 3

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Block

Halloween Block by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

Here's one last Halloween decor project for the season. Well, probably the last. ;) I used a sticker for my focal point on this block, then added paper roses and glittery cobwebs in the corners. All the details--including more photos and links to the designs--are over on the Silhouette America blog in the home decor section.