Sunday, December 21, 2014

Graham Cracker Houses

This year on our kids' Christmas to-do list, they asked if they could decorate graham cracker houses.  This is what we all made (kids ages 5-14, plus my husband and I).

Graham Cracker House 1

Graham Cracker House 2

Graham Cracker House 3

Graham Cracker House 4

Graham Cracker House 5

Graham Cracker House 6

I found the recipe for the frosting and the way to cut the graham crackers online, and assembled the house bases an hour or two ahead of time.  This turned out to be a good idea so they were nice and solid when the kids added all the extra weight of the candy.


Here are the four kids' houses.  My oldest had to add a few more levels and bump-outs to his house.

Graham Cracker Houses 1-2

Graham Cracker Houses 3-4


Detail House 4

Detail House 5

Detail House 3

And finally, the littlest enjoyed the first bite of his house after waiting patiently for me to take all the pictures!

Yummy Graham Cracker House

This was such a great family activity, sitting around the table together, the kids building their own creations with very little help from me.  They were kind and happy and involved for more than an  hour straight!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Warm Winter Wishes Mug

Warm Winter Wishes Mug by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette 

Can you believe how close we are to Christmas? I used today's free design for Silhouette's "12 Days of Christmas" freebies to decorate this paper mug with white flocked heat transfer material.  I made two mugs, filled them with fancy cocoa and peppermint sticks, and gave them away.

You can read all of the details on the Silhouette Blog. Don't forget to grab your free design in the Silhouette design store today and every day until Christmas! Today's design is here.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Winner Announced!

Congratulations, Shannon M., for winning a pack of white adhesive cardstock!  (I've sent you an email.)  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Silhouette design team blog hop and giveaway!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Paper Calendula Bouquet for a Friend

Calendula bouquet by Kelly Wayment | Finding Time To Create

I made this bouquet of paper calendula flowers for a friend. I just wanted to give her something cheerful that shows I care about her, so I chose a vase of paper flowers.

This paper vase was a bit bigger than I wanted at its default size, so I resized it down to 9" tall.  This makes each side 2.25" wide, which is still plenty big.  I wanted to fill it so it wouldn't have an open base, so I used my drawing tools in Silhouette Studio to create a base with tabs that I could glue inside the bottom of the vase.

Here's how you can create your own base for this square vase:

1.  Go to the Grid Window and select both Show Grid and Snap to Grid (I usually do this when I'm designing from scratch).  Spacing should be 1.00" and Divisions should be at 4.
2.  With your rectangular drawing tool, draw a square that is 2.25" and another square around it that is 3.25".  The Snap to Grid option makes this really easy.

Base SS 1-2

3.  Click to select the inner 2.25" square, go to the Line Style Window, and choose a perforated line.

Base SS 3

4.  Double click on the outer square to enter point-edit mode.

Base SS 4

5.  Add a point at each of these arrows by clicking along the line at 3/4" away from each corner point.

Base SS 5

6.  Drag the four outer corners in to touch the four perforated-square corners.

Base SS 6

7.  Click off to the side to exit point-edit mode, then select and group the two shapes.  Now you have a base with tabs that can be glued inside the vase with 2.25" sides.  At this point it's good to turn off Snap to Grid.

Base SS 7

Next I chose some cheerful flowers.  These calendulas were big enough that just three of them filled the vase.  The designer's assembly tutorial can be found HERE.

Calendulas by Kelly Wayment | Finding Time To Create

As usual with paper flowers, I like to run an inkpad along the tips of all the petals once they are cut but before they are assembled.  There were a lot of layers here, but I just did a rough and quick job, and you can still see the tips have just a bit of shading.  I used a green inkpad for shading on the leaves, as well.

Calendula ink petal tips | Finding Time To Create

Calendula by Kelly Wayment | Finding Time To Create

I followed the tutorial pretty closely.  Here's what the leaves look like from the back when hot-glued in place.

Calendula glue leaves to flower | Finding Time To Create

The stems weren't long enough on their own for this tall vase, so I crammed a tiny wad of paper inside (so the stick wouldn't poke out the top of the stem tube) with a bamboo skewer, then hot-glued it in place once I was sure of the height.

Calendula add length to stem | Finding Time To Create

I added a little print & cut tag to the vase that says, "If friends were flowers, I'd pick you."

Calendula bouquet in vase | Finding Time To Create

I'm really pleased with how this bouquet turned out. I put some rice in the bottom of the vase to give it some weight.  This keeps it from falling over easily, and also holds the skewer stems in place.

I hope you enjoyed my cheerful little bouquet!

Calendula closeup | Finding Time To Create

Calendula bouquet by Kelly Wayment side view | Finding Time To Create

Designs Used:
Tall paper vase (#42452)
3D Calendula (#57669)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Silhouette Design Team Blog Hop {and Giveaway}

House Ornaments - by Kelly Wayment_vertical with banner 

Welcome to my little stop along the blog hop with all the talented ladies of the Silhouette America design team.  I'm so glad you're here!  I'm first in line, although officially it starts at the Silhouette America blog.  We don't want you to miss a thing!

We were asked to share our favorite Silhouette product, and one lucky winner will receive the product I'm spotlighting!  Yay!  I really love Silhouette's adhesive cardstock, and if I were only able to choose one color, I'd go with white.

I love all adhesive-backed cardstock because I can cut intricate (or large) shapes and never worry about adding glue to the back.  It is such a time saver!  In addition, white adhesive cardstock can be printed on for beautiful print & cuts, and you can color it with markers for custom colors!  And there's another fun trick you can do with adhesive cardstock, which I'll show in just a minute.

Let me share with you how I used white adhesive cardstock on these Christmas house ornaments.

House Ornaments - by Kelly Wayment_horizontal

Although I have several of the available adhesive-cardstock colors, I used only white adhesive cardstock for the window trimmings and doors in this particular ornament collection, just so I can show you how versatile it is.  This would have been a super-fast project if I had simply gone with white trim for everything, but a little more time and creative thinking resulted in a lot more variety.

Here's the fun trick I mentioned above.  I cut some of my shapes from white adhesive cardstock, then simply flipped them over for an evenly-coated, sticky layer just begging for some glitter!

House Ornaments - glitter on back side of adhesive cardstock

If you're adding glitter to the back of adhesive cardstock, just remember to flip the shape horizontally if it matters (like my door with a doorknob hole, or any words) before cutting.  {Right click - flip horizontally.}

The other thing to pay attention to if adding glitter is to make sure you're getting clean cuts so you don't get any tearing on the back that will create voids of adhesive.  Tip: I've found that depending on the age and condition of my blade, I may need to increase the settings quite a bit to get perfect cuts on adhesive cardstock--but I can get clean cuts even with a dull blade.  If my blade is dull, I may need to go up to a 5 or 6 on the blade with the maximum thickness setting (this is a gradual process as my blade gets more and more dull by putting off replacing it).  But a new blade does wonders with adhesive cardstock!  New blade settings for me are usually blade 4, speed 3, thickness 29.

I added glitter to doors and windows, snowflakes, and even a couple of rooftops, just by using the reverse side of the adhesive cardstock. I did have to actually glue the glittered windows and doors to the house base since I used the sticky side for glitter, but it was worth it!

Even this roof is white adhesive cardstock, flipped over and layered together before sprinkling on the glitter.  (I hot-glued on the chimney of regular white textured cardstock before adding glitter.)

House Ornaments - glitter trim with chimney

House assembly tip:  Add the windows, doors, and decorative doorknob (brad or other small embellishment) to the house before gluing up the sides and base.  It's much easier to press the pieces on while it's flat.

House Ornaments - add accents before house assembly

Another thing you can do with white adhesive cardstock is to run it through your printer as a print & cut.  Or, you can skip the registration marks and use your PixScan™ mat.  I filled my door and window shapes with a red stripe pattern in Silhouette Studio, put them as close to the edge of my page as my printer will print, then printed the page on adhesive cardstock (trimmed to 8.5" wide to fit my printer).  Then I trimmed the paper down further and saved the rest for another project--no registration marks and non-cuttable area to limit my space.  I scanned the PixScan™ mat, put a clear-filled set of duplicate shapes on top of the scanned image in Studio to provide cut lines (no tracing necessary this time), loaded my PixScan™ mat into my CAMEO machine, set it for adhesive cardstock, and cut it!

Printed, then laid on my PixScan™ mat, ready for scanning:

House Ornaments - print on adhesive cardstock

Scanned, then cut lines assigned (by laying my door and window cut shapes over the top of the scanned image in Studio), and cut with my CAMEO. Look at that precision! ♥

House Ornaments - print and cut with PixScan on adhesive cardstock

Note: I made a matching striped roof and chimney on regular white textured cardstock since I didn't want those pieces to be sticky on the entire back side.

Here's another fun trick to get the most out of white adhesive cardstock.  I simply colored some of my white adhesive cardstock with an alcohol marker to make it the right color of trim.  You probably don't want to do this for large cutouts, but for small bits like this, it's really convenient to make a custom color. (All the bleeding stays behind when you lift the cut shape from its backing.)

House Ornaments - custom color adhesive cardstock

And last, but not least, I love using adhesive cardstock (any color) for cutting intricate shapes that don't need added glue.  No gloppy mess, no sticky residue around the edges...just clean and perfect.  I added a tiny name to the bottom of each house.  This is cut from the font SNF Lollipop (welded). These letters are about 3/8" tall.  You can see how skinny they are relative to my Silhouette hook tool.

House Ornaments - delicate name cutout

House Ornaments - delicate name cutout applied to house base

Are you ready to see my six little houses?  I made one for each member of my family.

House Ornaments - light green glitter
(White adhesive cardstock flipped over and glitter added to door, windows, roof, and snowflake.)

House Ornaments - striped
(White adhesive cardstock for door and windows, white adhesive cardstock flipped over and glitter added to the snowflake.)

House Ornaments - dark green glitter
(White adhesive cardstock flipped and glitter added to door, windows, and roof.)

House Ornaments - custom colored trim and flocked wreath
(White adhesive cardstock colored with red marker for door and windows, white adhesive cardstock flipped and flocking added to wreath, glitter added to snowflake.)

House Ornaments - striped printed trim
(White adhesive cardstock printed on for door and windows.  Flipped and glitter and flocking added to snowflake and wreath.)

House Ornaments - white trim
(White adhesive cardstock used for door and windows.  White adhesive cardstock flipped and glitter added to snowflake.)

You can see many other projects I've done using adhesive cardstock {here}.

Do you want to try out adhesive cardstock for yourself now?  I'm giving away a package of white adhesive cardstock to one lucky winner, courtesy of Silhouette America.  Here are the rules*.  Follow me on Pinterest, follow me on Instagram, and follow Silhouette on Instagram (enter below).  I'd also love to hear a comment about how you might use adhesive cardstock or what other projects or tutorials you'd like to see from me, but that's not required.  I'll let you get on your way to the other blogs along the hop!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Your next stop is Parental Perspective with the talented Analisa Murenin.  Have a great time, and I hope to see you again soon!  (I'll announce a winner on Saturday, December 6th.)

Here's a master list of our design team's blog hop posts in case you get lost along the way:

Designs Used:
Red stripe pattern (#54006)
3D House Christmas tree ornament (#69519)
3D House Christmas tree ornament (#69520)
3D House Christmas tree ornament (#69521)

Font: SNF Lollipop (#8757)

*Giveaway ends 12/5/2014.  Open to US/Canada Residents, 18 & older.   Void where prohibited. Giveaway is not associated with Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Prizes will be fulfilled by Silhouette America. Winner cannot have won another Silhouette America giveaway in the past 90 days. Winners should expect their prize to arrive within 4-6 weeks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pilgrim Hat Thanksgiving Decor

Pilgrim Hat Decor by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette
Here's my latest paper creation.  I made this elegant Pilgrim hat as our Thanksgiving decor at the accounting office where I work.  You can read more details about the hat over on the Silhouette America blog (in the home decor section).

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sketched Cards with Silhouette Free Design

Cards Using Free Design of the Week by Kelly Wayment for Silhouette

Today on the Silhouette America blog I'm sharing what I did with the free design of the week.  It's a fun circular layered flag design, and I used it on these cards.  I've got another idea with it that's in the works, but that's another post, another day. ;)

Check out my tutorial for using this design over on the Silhouette blog, and don't forget to grab the freebie!