Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Valentine Treat Boxes

O.K., I know it's now March, but I took pictures when I finished the 90 Valentines for my kids' school parties last month and I am going to show them off! My days have been very full since then, so I apologize for the late post.  Maybe you can use this idea next year.  :)

Here's my little hand model showing off a nearly-complete treat box. (I made print & cut labels you can see in the images below.) I used an old Silhouette treat box freebie file and cut 90 of these out of My Mind's Eye paper. I stuck them together with 1/4" Scrappy Tape. Even that strong tape couldn't hold up to the pressure on the box ends, so each end got a little red staple to secure it.  I filled each box with some conversation hearts so it gave a satisfying little rattle when shaken.

Yes, I made 90 of these. All three kids are in very large classes this year. Even when I think I'm picking a quick design, 90 handcrafted anythings take a lot of time.

I made the kids put on their own labels, which I just designed as a print & cut for my Silhouette and cut them out of Avery full-sheet white shipping labels.  They make great stickers.

The kids got a little creative while piling up their completed treat boxes...
(I don't know where that comes from.)

And while I'm on the topic of Valentines, here are the containers my kids made to collect their Valentines at school. My daughter decorated a Costco milk box with white Contact paper, ribbon, and rhinestones. My son turned a cereal box inside out and made it into a dragon whose mouth opens to "eat" the Valentines.
 valentine-6 valentine-7


  1. Kelly these are very cute. They are never too late to use. They are good for any holiday including Easter that is just around the corner. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. They are super cute, Kelly! My Texas grandson's class isn't allowed to share candy at all, and I think that's awful. Yes, there are always some kids who can't have this or that, but I have made allowances for them when my kids were small by finding things they could have after speaking to their parents. Most parents will bring suitable substitutes for such children to other kids' birthday parties, I've found. They can do the same at school, or the teachers could let parents know that one kid is allergic to a particular thing, or is a diabetic, etc. and a substitute item can be made. I would even send toys instead of candy, but that isn't allowed either. My grandson wasn't even allowed to give out the cute little empty Halloween cracker boxes I made for his class! Empty boxes! Can you imagine?

    1. That's pretty sad! I used to be unhappy at all the candy they would get for Valentine's Day, but over the years I realized I was fighting a losing battle and just embraced it instead. They get so much candy at school every day that one big day of it doesn't make much difference. I knew from my kids talking a few days before Valentine's Day that many of their classmates have allergies, but by then it was too late to change the idea, and the teachers themselves never said anything about it.

  3. Hi Kelly,

    I love these little boxes, I made quite a few of them cut from discarded children's books. They are fabulous and so simple. What a sweetie you are!

    Have a super week!
    ♥ Barb