Thursday, January 2, 2014

Custom Address Labels

Custom Address Labels_by Kelly Wayment 

I made my own address labels using Silhouette white sticker paper. Who wants to use boring rectangles when there are so many fun label shapes in the Silhouette online store? :)

I have a full tutorial for creating your own print & cut address labels from scratch over on the Silhouette Blog.


  1. I just adore this idea! Clever, clever girl!

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Is there a way to put labels right next to each other with no spacing and tell silhouette to just do one cut in between the two? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Heather,

      Using a shape is much easier, especially if you are doing color or pattern fills, and leave a little spacing in between.

      However, there are a few (more tedious) options to get a single cut between adjacent shapes.

      (1) Turn on the Grid ("Show Grid" in the Grid Window), set grid spacing to 8 divisions per 1.0 inch for fine control, and choose Snap to Grid. Then use your Line Tool to draw the lines you want. You're creating your own template of rectangles this way, which you can then fill with the text you want.

      (2) If you have the Designer Edition, you can use your eraser tool to erase (use "outline" mode) to erase just the portion of the line that would otherwise be overlapping the other shape. The eraser will erase whatever it touches, so you'll have to move the shapes closer together after erasing the line off of one shape.

      (3) If you don't have the designer edition, you can use the shape you want, but then you'll need to use your point editing tools (double-click an ungrouped shape to see all those little grey dots). If you bump two shapes up against each other and only want one line to cut, you would use those point-editing tools to delete ("delete point") the portion of line on the second shape that would otherwise cut on top of the first.

      You still won't be able to use color or fill patterns with the shapes once you remove portions of the line.

      I'm not sure where your skill level with Studio is, but those are the ways to do it. I can probably make a video tutorial if you need it. :)

    2. Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for your detailed response! With choice #1, once I drew all the template lines, would I then be able to insert different SVG files in each rectangle? I ask because, for example, I have 32 separate SVG files I'd like to print on one page. They are all the same size, just have different colors and text in them.

      I do have designer edition, though not sure I can picture exactly what you mean in choice #2. I think I understand what you mean about choice #3,

      Last question, how can I tell the two shapes are not overlapping and perfectly bumped together? Many thanks for your help! I very much appreciate it! :)

    3. #1- Yes, you can put as many files in as you want. Just make sure only the lines you drew are set to cut, not the shapes inside. I know Studio version 2 got a little slow when adding a lot of text and shapes to a single page, but I haven't noticed that problem with version 3. Even if slow, it still works; you just have to be patient.

      #2- If you just play with your eraser tool and some random shapes with the "outline" option selected, I think you'll see what I mean. #3 Gives the same end result as #2, just with more fine control. You're just erasing/deleting line segments.

      I love my Align tools (turn off "Snap to Grid" if necessary) and my Zoom tools to make sure everything is touching exactly where I want. Good luck!